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We offer three packages that are sure to beautify your curb appeal. They're specifically designed to include everything your lawn needs to flourish but are customizable. To fully benefit from our packages, it's best to purchase them in the spring as an elegant summer lawn begins with spring preparation. Our team will design a personalized schedule to visit, maintain and develop your property on a monthly basis. 


Combine our packages with any of our services to receive a discount.

Full Service Maintenance:

Starting from $124.99 monthly

  • Weekly lawn cutting, trimming and blowing 

  • Season-long weed control (Fiesta)

  • Season-long organic fertilization 

  • Over-seeding 

Ever Green:
Starting from $219.99


  • Season-long organic fertilization 5x

  • Season-long weed control (Fiesta) 3x

Deluxe Package: Starting from $269.99


  • Mechanical core aeration

  • Season-long organic fertilization

  • Season-long weed control (Fiesta)

  • Over-seeding