Spring and Fall Clean-ups

By neglecting the proper clean-up, you may damage your lawn by leaving brown spots on your grass or by the loss of beautiful perennials. For this reason, KN Property Maintenance offers both fall and spring clean-ups. For the former, we will ensure that your property is well-prepared to battle even the coldest of winter months. For the latter, we will clean-up your property and create ideal conditions to aid your green thumb.


Trust us with cleaning your property and watch your lawn and garden flourish. References of past clean-ups are available upon request. 

Our Clean-ups Include:

      Removal of all litter, leaves and waste from lawn

      Dethatching of entire property (power raking)

      Manual removal of weeds

      Removal of unhealthy plants and debris from garden beds

      Clean-up and pruning of all hedges, bushes and trees

      Blowing of all hard surfaces

      Removal of leaves, sticks and debris (bags provided)

      Full property inspection by client


Additional options include:

      Spring/Fall Fertilizing

      Lawn cut - This will include a straight line cut, trim and a final blow of your property

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