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Green grass, lawn care, lawn cutting, weed control, fertilizing, property maintenance, landscaping
Brampton, Mississaugua, Georgetown Residential & Commercial Property Maintenace
Brampton, Mississaugua, Georgetown Residential & Commercial Property Maintenace



Brampton, Mississaugua, Georgetown Residential & Commercial Property Maintenace, Lawn cutting, Lawn maintenance, Landscaping

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Let us take the time to understand the elements you require to create your own outdoor paradise. Whether it’s a new garden bed, mulch, sod, or stone; our professional team at KN Property Maintenance will ensure that you receive an unprecedented experience.

Brampton, Mississaugua, Georgetown Residential & Commercial Property Maintenace, Lawn cutting, Lawn maintenance, Landscaping, Green Grass, Lawn care, lawn cutting, weed control, fertilizing, property maintenance, landscaping, Brampton, Mississaugua, Georgetown

You have the option to select a reliable weekly or bi-weekly lawn-cutting program.

Our programs conveniently include:

  • scheduled grass maintenance cuts

  • edging of walkways, patios, and flowerbeds

  • removal of all clippings from walkways, patios, and driveways

  • a uniformed and professional maintenance crew   

  • affordable payment plans 


Our programs are specifically designed to include everything your lawn needs. We recommend that you consider purchasing your package in the spring, as an elegant summer lawn begins with early preparation. Our team will design a personalized schedule to visit, develop, and maintain your property on a monthly basis. 

Full-Service Maintenance, starting from $149.99 monthly

  • weekly lawn cutting, trimming and blowing 

  • season-long weed control (using Fiesta*)

  • season-long organic fertilization 

  • over-seeding 

EverGreen, starting from $229.99 seasonal
  • season-long organic fertilization 5x

  • season-long weed control (using Fiesta*) 3x

Deluxe Package, starting from $279.99 seasonal

  • season-long organic fertilization 5x

  • season-long weed control (using Fiesta*) 3x

  • over-seeding


*Fiesta™ is a low-risk selective broadleaf weed control product that:

  • works fast to kill weeds, but doesn’t harm the lawn

  • typically shows results in 24 to 48 hours

  • is rain-fast in just 3 hours

  • is completely odourless, unlike many other herbicides

  • is environmentally responsible: no extensive precautions are required as with most conventional herbicides

  •  is pet safe






Program includes:

  • 24 hr. turnaround period guaranteed

  • unlimited service throughout November to April (24 hrs./day, 7 days/wk.)

  • holidays included

  • salting 

  • sidewalks and roadways

Stay safe this winter by reserving your spot for our snow removal program. We'll ensure that your commercial plaza, corporation or office is properly cleared and safely accessible.



Are you tired of looking at your weed-infested lawn that no longer flourishes in the once vibrant greenery that it used to? If so, let our sodding services bring your lawn back to life.


Service includes:

  • removal of all weeds and existing grass material

  • offsite disposal of all materials

  • grading and tilling of the area to ensure proper water drainage

  • installation of premium soil

  • lay of Kentucky Bluegrass
    (Ontario's finest sod)   

  • an in-depth maintenance schedule + tips to properly care for your new lawn 

Mulch, Stone, Soil 
Delivery + Installation







1 yd. mulch |

each additional yard |

1 yd. stones |

each additional yard |

1 yd. premium soil |

each additional yard |

Our service is designed around your convenience. We deliver all materials and install them on the very same day!

Flowerbed Design + Hedge-Trimming

Whether you want to update your existing bed with new plants or build a new flowerbed, we are here to help. You can also request to receive a free consultation for a professionally designed garden bed. In doing so, we will ensure to:


  • spend the necessary time to understand your colour theme and plant preferences 

  • select and arrange the best plants and shrubs to suit your needs

  • provide free consultation and advice to create the best possible garden within your budget

  • take care of all delivery so you can sit back and relax while we do the dirty work


As our seasons begin to transition, so do our lawns. Our fall clean-ups prepare your lawn to battle even the coldest of winter months, whereas our spring clean-ups create ideal conditions for your yard to flourish.

 These seasonal services include:

  • removal of all litter, leaves, and waste from lawn

  • dethatching (power-raking) of the entire property 

  • manual removal of weeds

  • removal of unhealthy plants and debris from garden beds

  • clean-up and pruning of all hedges, bushes, and trees

  • blowing of all hard surfaces

  • removal of leaves, sticks, and debris (bags provided)

  • full property inspection by the client


 Add-on services include:

  • seasonal fertilizing (fall/spring)

  • lawn cut - a straight line cut, trim, and a final blow of your property



Our team of dedicated professionals strive to ensure that your condominium or commercial property is safe, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing all year round. 

Your custom-tailored maintenance package may include:

  • personal and detail-oriented one-on-one meetings 

  • scheduled visits

  • snow plowing, sidewalk, and ice management

  • weekly lawn-cutting

  • litter collection

  • shrub trimming

  • grounds care, weed control, and fertilization

  • sodding, gardening, and landscape design

  • easy payment plans

Contact us to request a free consultation and let's collaborate.




Monday to Friday: 7am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 1pm

Sunday: Closed



Styled Garden


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